Why S-Curves Are Probably the Most Important Concept in Entrepreneurship

  1. We don’t know if market timing is right. It looks like we are way too early.
  2. Customers are not adopting our product as quickly as we had hoped.
  3. Product development is taking way too long. We are behind on our roadmap.
  4. Why are our salespeople taking too long to ramp up productivity?
  5. Why do these VCs take so long to get back to us?
  1. How are we going to serve all these new customers that just signed up?
  2. We can’t hire fast enough.
  3. Our new product features are way ahead of the plan, and sales is struggling to explain them.
  4. Our cash is running low because we can’t finance all these new deals we just closed.
  5. How are we going to pick from the five VC term sheets we just got?
  • Overall market development (for example, we’re currently seeing a flattening of innovation in mobile)
  • Customer adoption
  • Product usage by individual customers
  • Sales productivity
  • Developer productivity
  • Investor interest



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Andreas Goeldi

Andreas Goeldi


Technologist, entrepreneur and investor. Likes startups, gadgets, movies, good audio technology and rambling about any of those topics. Partner at btov.vc